Alexandra Hunter

A HunterPrimarily self-taught, mixed-media artist Alexandra Hunter is an active member of the artist community in Victoria, BC. In 2010, a Coast Collective Gallery Juror’s Choice Award and a 2nd place finish at Victoria Emerging Art Awards established Alexandra as a leading emerging artist.

Alexandra is currently represented by Victoria Emerging Art Gallery.

Finding inspiration in minerals, ceramic glazes, metals and semi-precious stones, there's something about the elements that moves me, particularly earth and water. The concept of this latest series was birthed in the Rocky Mountains of Colorado. Surrounded by boulders, red earth, turquoise and sunbaked sky, I wanted to capture the light, texture and feel of a landscape that was at once rock and sea, equal and opposite sides of a coin. I wanted to paint the peace and the mystery beyond the everyday, there for the looking. I wanted to paint such a world.

Andy Wooldridge

AfterTheStorm LionRock_30x36 “I treat my canvas like a stage set, with simplified shapes and forms, deliberately placed to produce an artificial landscape. I try to convey the feeling we have when watching the curtain rise in a darkened theatre auditorium, when, for that brief moment, we suspend disbelief and allow ourselves to be transported into an alternative reality.”

Angela Montanti

angelaAngela received her Fine Arts degree from the University of Manitoba, majoring in Ceramics and Painting. Her first 15 years after graduating was devoted to works in clay. It was here she first became interested in portraiture. Presently and for the last three years she has dedicated her time revisiting portraits but this time with paint.

"I love the use of colour in Van Gogh's work. I love the way Freud exaggerates a persons facial character through the use of thick and expressive brush movement. Both these artists inspire me to create portraits composed of uninhibited and vibrant colour by the use of the ever constant movement of the brush. Historically speaking portraits have always been a great part of art history. They provide a window into the past providing a story for the viewer while freezing time itself. To me the history of Portraits has become societies' landscape. They provide me with a challenge to capture the essence of my subject with the artistry of paint."


Annie Pelletier

a-night-to-rememberAnnie Pelletier was born and raised in the village of St. Simeon, Quebec. She completed her first oil painting at the age of twelve which began a lifetime passion for art. A self directed artist, she continues to paint and had her first exhibition in l990 in Jasper Alberta. With her husband and three sons, she has lived in many of Canada’s provinces. Discovering new places and meeting new people has enriched her life and work. Her fascination with colour, music and movement has influenced her unique style. Annie’s contemporary creations will carry you away into a vibrant and whimsical world. She captures on canvas the magic of a flower, a breeze, the light that dances in her children’s eyes.

Annie now lives and paints in Victoria, British Columbia where she is represented by the Morris Gallery and is a member of the Federation of Canadian Artists.

April MacQueen

Aprils pictures in Backup 2013 581April was born in Vancouver British Columbia but spent most of her growing up years in Manitoba and Ontario. She completed an art course in art, drawing, and painting in 1977 at Loyalist College Belleville Ontario, a life drawing course at Carleton University in Ottawa Ontario in 1992 and a life drawing class at Loyalist College in 1993.

Moving to Vancouver Island she is finally pursuing her life long dream of being a full time artist. Working in oils and acrylics, April paints a variety of subjects using a close-up perspective, bold form and colour. One of her former teachers has described her work as romantic and sensitive.

She has had her work in galleries in Montreal and Toronto and recently did a three month international show in Scottsdale Arizona.  


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Blythe Scott

Blythe Scott

My work is about place.  I am curious about places I have never been and nostalgic about those I know well. The dynamism and the sensations of a place are what I wish to convey and so my pieces are emotional responses to subject matter rather than literal interpretations. A personal connection to a place is what informs the energy of my line and the subjective colour that I use.

It is important to me to have a strong technical understanding but it is equally important to me to challenge convention.


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Bob McPartlin


lizardA graduate of the Ontario College of Art, and a member of the Federation of Canadian Artists, Bob McPartlin has been painting for many years. He does not limit his scope, seeming to move comfortably from landscapes to portraits, seascapes, surreal space-scapes and even caricatures.

Many of Bob’s works are the product of his fertile imagination, or simply from memory. Having returned to BC from a ten year stint in South America, where many of his works are in private collections, Bob has finally decided to take his talent seriously and is working full time at getting reacquainted with beautiful British Columbia.

Brenda Estill

Brenda EstillI live on Vancouver Island where my artwork is influenced and informed by my local environment. There is power in beauty and it is essential to me that my paintings portray this through the palette and forms on the canvas, inspiring and soothing, engaging and informing. The perfection is in the success of the message and not in the rendering of the image.

Subject matter could include abstracted flowers, stripes, a curtain in the breeze. All of these images refer to the many roles I have played as a woman. Ultimately, most of these images will not be seen as I continue to cover and repaint in the manner of a palimpsest. Hints of the past are evident in the many layers causing my paintings to become a metaphor for memory. 


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Chin Yuen


Chin YuenInternational award-winning Canadian painter, Chin Yuen has lived in six countries and travels extensively. Her creations reflect her diverse cultural exposures and interest in things as different as pop culture, architecture and politics. She describes her creative process as a luxurious meditative act that combines the physical joy of painting with the analytical skill of problem solving. Her paintings are distinctive with vibrant colours and dynamic compositions. Chin holds a Bachelor of Fine Arts with Honors from the Emily Carr Institute of Art and Design (Vancouver, Canada) and a Master of Arts from the University of Victoria (Canada). She currently lives in Victoria, BC, Canada.

Chris Broadbent


Chris BroadbentForsaking geophysics (my first career because "art doesn't pay!") I started painting full-time some years ago. I work with most media but prefer oils. My art most often reflects the Western Canada wilderness, to which I make frequent trips for inspiration. In my paintings I hope to re-create the sense of "being there". My hope is to re-connect the viewer with his/her natural surroundings. We are so easily distracted by our urban environment, we forget that this - the natural world - is where we came from. I also paint other subjects of beauty in a variety of styles. I submit to local shows and host my own exhibitions as I continue to search, research, and study so my art will continue to evolve.

Christine Reimer

Evening Light-CReimerChristine Reimer (B.F.A.), an established Canadian artist from British Columbia, is recognized for her colourful and vibrant interpretations of landscape. She has lived on Vancouver Island all her life and has painted professionally for thirty years. 

The subject matter of her paintings includes British Columbia coastal islands, lakes and rivers, Okanagan vineyards and the Rocky Mountains of Alberta. She has also painted the towns and landscape of Tuscany and Provence and created a series of playful floral compositions and women in dreamlike settings.

“Colour, movement and light are vital elements in my paintings. I begin with a fairly defined composition; the image evolves as I paint. Colour takes on a life of its own and the character of the landscape is revealed. I strive to create an energetic vibrancy which can be experienced by the viewer.”

Reimer’s paintings are in corporate and private collections across North America and abroad.

Cindy Hatt

HattSmallCindy Hatt is a Canadian Metis artist, wife, mother and business owner. She was born and raised in Sault Ste. Marie, Ontario.

Acrylic painting is her medium of choice. Family and pets are common themes in her work. She's been exploring her Metis heritage through art by painting native dancers in Pow Wows from her birth place in Sault Ste. Marie and in her current home West coast home in Victoria. Her father, Doug Bradford is a current CFAP artist has been her greatest artistic influence.

“Painting is like a craving or urge for me. I’ve got work stored in my head that I need to get to.  I relish every moment I am drawing, painting, sculpting, crafting or teaching art.”


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Claire Christinel

A Room With a View CChristinelClaire Christinel is an award winning artist with a design degree from Langara College in Vancouver, Canada. Claire studied fine arts in Toulouse, France at l’Ecole des Beaux Arts de Tournefeuille, and continues to study through workshops with prominent artists. She has exhibited in numerous group and solo shows and has received recognition and awards for her work. Her paintings in oils and acrylics are in private and corporate collections in Canada, the United States, and France. Claire continues to create still life, landscape and jazz music themed paintings from her studio in Victoria, Canada.

Colleen Lumb

Colleen Lumb

Born in southwestern Manitoba, I was fascinated with drawing as a young child. The wide-open prairie sky was the landscape I grew up with on the farm where I spent the first nineteen years of my life. A social worker by profession, I painted whenever possible given my work, until I recently retired, giving me more time to paint. Basically self-taught with the exception of workshops of interest, my passion is plein air painting while on my many travels.

My ‘works in color' incorporate elements from my previous weaving of fabric…among them my use of juicy colour, texture you can reach out and touch, surface design and mark-making.  I work quickly and spontaneously…to capture the initial energy…in what I feel is a playful and vibrant manner.

My paintings are in collections throughout The United States, Australia, Canada and the Bahamas.

Today, I live, love and paint in White Rock, BC, Canada.

Darcy Gould


darcy gouldDarcy Gould was born in Toronto in 1950 and grew up in Ottawa.  He's been sculpting for 42 years.  He's had shows across Canada and in Australia.  He worked in steel for the first 10 years then bronze for 30 years.  Recently he's been making things from scrap from Ellis recycling, sculpture that would have been called modern in the 1930s.  He calls it Industrial Modern.  He continues to work in bronze.

Darlene Young

poppy dance.w150h150Victoria Artist Darlene Young paints colorful scenes from every day life. She is most excited about color and light effects and is often seen painting outdoors no matter the weather.  Although she does studio work, including alla prima still-lifes and larger studio works, Darlene's true passion is plein air painting. She loves the challenge of the ever changing natural conditions and she can be found most days plein aire painting around James Bay.

Darlene's studies include Master's Classes at the Victoria College of Art, as well as studying the methods of other artists.

Darlene is honored to be a member of the Victoria Sketch Club and appreciates the mentorship she receives from its very accomplished artists. She has also been painting and exhibiting with the Al Frescoes Plein Air Painters of Victoria for the past two years. She is an Active Member of the Federation of Canadian Artists.


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David Goatley


David is one of Canada's leading portrait painters. Born in London, England, and trained at the Camberwell School of Art he currently lives in Shawnigan Lake. He has completed over 350 commissions across Canada, the USA and the UK.

His subjects have included HRH The Duke of York (Prince Andrew); Prime Minister The Right Hon. Kim Campbell and Speaker Gilbert Parent, three Lt. Governors of BC, Premier Gordon Campbell, Chief Justice Chris Hinkson, Judge Douglas Woodlock for the US District Court in Boston, The Sheriff of London, Presidents and Chancellors of Universities and Chairs of Boards, philanthropists, noted members of the arts community, and families.

He has also painted large scale works for churches, private homes and public spaces, including 'Letters from the Front' on the Post Office in Chemainus.


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David Hunwick


David Hunwick-rabbitDavid has sculpted for over 25 years and completed his art degree in London, UK. He trained as a teacher and has taught at both school and college level. David lived and worked in Scotland for eight years and was a regular exhibitor at the Royal Scottish Academy in Edinburgh. David uses a wide range of media ranging from cardboard to bronze.

David's work is predominately figurative in nature, though often encompasses symbolic imagery. He sculpts both the figure and animal forms.

Dawn Joy Ritchie

FraidyCat wBorn in Glasgow, Scotland, Dawn Joy is a self-taught artist who began painting from her imagination nine years ago specializing in cave art and whimsical animals. 

"I love to create whimsical innovative characters with vibrant colour, childlike simplicity, abstract form, and dimensional texture. I never thought I could draw until one day in the year 2001, I decided to attempt drawing by closing my eyes and sketching a cat from my imagination. I opened my eyes and it was magic. I had something I could work with if I erased parts and connected the dots. Soon an abundance of animal critters and characters were springing to life from my imagination. My entire life, I had been searching for a meaningful way to create and I finally discovered it. In my wildest dreams, I never thought I could become an artist and every day I feel so grateful for this gift."

Deryk Houston



Deryk Houston has had one man exhibitions in the former.Soviet Union, Iraq, Scotland, the USA and Canada. His work was featured in the NFB documentary, From Baghdad to Peace Country. His paintings and sculptures can be found in both private and public collections including the permanent collection of the Canadian War Museum in Ottawa. (Recommended by the National Gallery of Canada.)




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Desiree Bond

Desiree Bond

Born in Whitehorse, Yukon Territory, Desiree Bond moved many times before finally settling in Victoria, B.C. In 1992, she enrolled at the Alberta College of Art, where she studied until getting married and starting a family. As a painter, Desiree enjoys experimenting with different mediums, subject matter and points of view. Her focus is to achieve a fresh and effortless feel to her work.

In the last few years Desiree has spent time painting outdoors where the west coast of Vancouver Island provides her with endless inspiration. Desiree's work is currently showing at the Sooke Harbour House, Art Gallery of Greater Victoria and Eclectic Gallery in Oak bay.


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Diana Durrand

In my work I have drawn inspiration from the compassionate spirit expressed in simple things, in unexpected ways. I create from my own life experiences, interpreting and transforming ideas into visual form. The mediums may vary but the essence and clarity remains constant.

Since graduating with a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree from the University of Victoria I have been working in acrylics, graphite, water colours, pastels, liquid plastic and found objects of all sorts.

My work is represented in private collections as well as the Canadian Museum of Civilization and the Canada Council Art Bank. I have exhibited at the Bau-xi Gallery, Vancouver; Open Space, Victoria; Del Bello Gallery, Toronto; Transportal Exhibit, Berlin, Germany; Burnaby Art Gallery; Surrey Art Gallery; Fort Gallery, Fort Langley; Art Gallery of Greater Victoria; Presentation House, Vancouver; Prague Museum of Agriculture; Science Centre, Ottawa; Canada Place, Expo 86, Vancouver, Michigan State University and various solo and group shows locally.

I have illustrated a number of books and worked collaboratively with my husband, writer Craig Spence.


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Dominic Fetherston

winterapples bwDominic Fetherston is a painter and mixed-media artist. He attended Camosun College and the University of Victoria, and is an alumnus of the University of Saskatchewan.

“Art is an ongoing stream of the known and the unknown, problems and inventions, challenges and rewards, with its share of both glorious and stinking days - each one providing another golden opportunity to grow. I’m still growing.”

E. Colin Williams


Born in 1935 in Ryhope, U.K., E. Colin Williams has worked in all media and is an accomplished printmaker, but most frequently paints with oils and in a representational manner. From his earliest years, E. Colin Williams never saw himself as separate from the landscape that contained him. Some of his earliest sketches were like simple topographical maps, others were drawings of the world around him. As a child he drew obsessively: the streets of the village, the sea, the coast, the farms, fields, roadways, and rocky outcroppings of the County Durham of his childhood. By the time he was fifteen, there was no doubt he could ever be anything other than an artist.

Williams has returned to the work he enjoys most - exploring the landscape through the creation of large oil paintings.


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Elfrida Schragen

Elfrida SchragenP1080403 - CopyCurrently Elfrida's medium is oil painting, but her art career includes 8 years working exclusively as a clay sculptor, and 5 years as a pastel artist. Born into an artistic family where colour, design and focus were constant subjects of note, Elfrida took up creating seriously after her retirement as a special educator, 12 years ago,

Elfrida's technique stems from a dedicated desire to capture reality as she sees it. Gleaning skills from the internet, a few workshops, art galleries, interaction with other artists and some substantial magazines, she continues to explore a variety of approaches.

Currently living in both the United States and Canada, In Delray Beach, Florida, she is a member of the Delray Community of The Arts ( the Old School House) and the Palm Beach Plein Air Painters. In Victoria, Canada, she is active in the Al Frescoes, a Plein Air group, the Goward House portrait drop in group, and the Coast Collective in Metchosin. The Coast Collective has been a source of support through providing venues for shows and sales for five years.

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Elka Nowicka

nowickaI am inspired by antiques and classics, glamour and theatrics, and the close union of old and new. I rely on the symbolism and imagery to capture the intensity of emotions and reflections. Each subject is built up with layers upon layers of experiences and relationships. Multi textured technique intrigues me - it permits the control but allows the spontaneity in the creative process. The planned and random effects give each piece its unique beauty and individual patina.

Galen Davison

galenWorking with plaster, zinc, copper, wood, ceramics and artist grade paint, Davison describes his technique as “a loose flow of movement, a visual journey.” His latest series is called Petal Paintings - and whether he casts his eye to abstract landscapes, seascapes, or still life studies, the results are works of bold beauty that fill their spaces with wonder, peace and delight.

Close study of a Davison work reveals a thousand tiny mysteries reflecting his many curiosities: the wonder of nature, the power of light, the ubiquitous icons of modern culture, the prettiness of a flower. Says Davison, “I like to think of these images as objects - more like flat sculptures. It’s like arriving at an archeological dig and trying to decode the layers of history and visualize the actions and decisions of the archeologists.”


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Garrett Petersen

garret petersenGarrett Petersen was born in 1990 in Victoria, BC. Being averse to any kind of change, he still lives there to this day.

He primarily paints impressionistic landscapes in oils and acrylics. Travelling as much as he can, he gathers subject matter for his paintings from across the globe.

He is currently a tenure-track undergraduate student at the University of Victoria.

Grant Watson


Grant has had an eclectic educational background. He attended the two year Creative Photography program at Humber College in Toronto and has taken courses in Electrical Construction, Residential Framing, Foundation Construction, Communications, Tungsten Inert Gas Welding, Welder Fitting from Algonquin College as well as courses in English Literature, Poetry and Psychology at Carleton University.

He worked as a photographer for fifteen years and then branched into his true calling - creating works of art and sculptures which utilize his artistic and creative skills.

Heather Keenan

For over 25 years I have been exhibiting my paintings throughout Victoria, BC, Canada and the United States. I have received awards from the BC Arts Council, and have work in the Canada Council Art Bank. I have won firsts at selected North American and British Columbia art competitions and my artwork is featured on the covers of over 20 books and publications. I use oil pigment sticks, (oil paint in stick form), using this medium as both a painting and drawing tool. 

Ingrid Fawcett

PeonyPainting slows me down. Like so many of us, my life is busy and sometimes hectic. My painting time is a meditative and joyful space in a busy and complicated world. When I paint, I flow between the conscious and the unconscious. Sometimes my brushstrokes are intentional and focused; at other times I enter a meditative flow; I am the painting, the painting is me. Each painting has its own story, and as I take the time to get to know it, to feel its heart, the images call out to me, the painting speaks, and a poem unfolds.

I paint only images and subjects that excite me. There is an obsession in my work to find an energized moment, magnify it larger than life in both size and colour, then hold that energy so that it invites us deep into its heart. People who see my art say it glows with positive energy; I invite you to share that energy, one painting at a time.


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Iris Nardini

altGrowing up in a family of musicians, theatre actors, writers and artists, I was immersed into the fine arts from early childhood. Having spent my formative years in Europe, I fell in love with Northern Renaissance Art and grew to appreciate wood and marble carvings by the Great Masters. 

After spending many years as a painter, I returned to the three dimensional art form, working in clay and bronze. As a figurative sculptor, my true aspiration lies in capturing movement beyond physical form. I strive to push compositional boundaries, while maintaining movement and fluidity through space. Each piece exemplifies a moment of voyeurism, in which the viewer may become affected and enthralled. These moments can be expressive, in turmoil, flawed or beautiful, but all hope to be a celebration of the human soul.
"What is true greatness in a Masterpiece is that which is timeless. Great art will stay individual, unique and everlasting."

Janet Etter

JanetEtterI refer to myself as an "industrial folk artist."  Since moving to Victoria, I have been captivated by the tugboat and marine life of Victoria's Inner Harbour.  When I come across a working tug in our Inner Harbour I am enthralled by the colour, strength, movement of these boats and the men that work on them.  Nearly everyone stops, watches, responds in some way to a passing tug and barge as it passes under the uplifted Blue Bridge.

Tugs reflect honesty, emotion, and strength. I can't resist them. I feel a deep need to record what is left of our rapidly changing waterfront and disappearing lifestyles.

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Janis Blyth

CarelsMy work captures the energy and soul of women as I paint their journeys through life's experiences. Usually with a playful eye my paintings evoke strength and humour. Color is embraced and often symbolism is woven through my work. Working in fashion retail has influenced some of the ideas that transpire while I paint. The layering and pattern of fabric is similar to layering  paint on a canvas. Like fashion a little shock value can be interesting in keeping our minds open for interpretation. Living in the Okanagan area in the past opened doors for me to embrace the wine culture and it's people. My artwork displayed the many facets of the industry. Missing family urged the move back to Victoria this year. I am so excited being back to my city and it's culture. I received my BFA  degree from UVIC. My artwork has been shown in group and solo shows and can be seen in public collections in Vancouver.

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Jenny Waelti Walters

Jenny Waelti WaltersMy background is in literature, gender politics and photography. I have recently become a painter and a passionate maker of figurative monoprints. My prints, made in series, become ambiguous narrative as the figures shift and multiply, moving through space and, by implication, through time, casting shadows and leaving ghosts as the surface of the plate evolves. Using ink and press to create painterly effects of texture, I work with movement, gesture and mood. From the knowledge I have of prints and printmaking, it would seem rare that a printmaker chooses to focus on the depiction of motion; I have not yet found any work similar to mine.

When I paint, I am also interested by texture, gesture and, above all, colour. Whereas, as a printmaker, I observe the world around me and comment on it, as a painter I engage with the internal energy of that world, the weight of hanging skins, the upward thrust of Spring growth, the geometries of ice. Most recently, I have been attracted by the dynamics of crowds and so, finally, seem to be bringing prints and paintings together…at least for the moment.

Jim McFarland

toquin beach_tofinoJim was born and raised in Pentiction, BC and now lives in Victoria. His art education consisted of courses from the Victoria College of Art, and from other artists. He is a signature member of the Federation of Canadian Artists. His paintings are in private and corporate collections in Canada and the USA.

Jim paints his larger works in the studio but very much enjoys painting on site, en plein air, where he can capture the ever changing but real colours and light of the world around him. You may often see him on the beach, a hill side, or a farmer’s field, painting.


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Joanne Thomson

ThomsonCurrently, Joanne is concentrating on two very different themes in her artwork: the external and the internal. Landscapes are portrayed in vivid colour as vast sweeping vistas or intimate inner forest spaces. The ‘Bottled' series is an expanding body of work using the bottle as a visual metaphor for human communication and a satirical commentary on its failings and limitations. Deceptively simple on first glance, both themes are characterized by Joanne’s clear lines and clean colours.

Joanne Thomson lives in Victoria BC. She gardens, dances, sings, bakes and spends a great deal of time painting. In her spare time she teaching others how to draw and paint and enjoy the business of art making.


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John Mortenson

mortensonJohn Mortenson was born in 1947 in Williston, North Dakota. His two passions in life were then and continue to be music and art. His art career began with lessons from the age of eight with his great uncle  Paul Rolshoven, a commercial and fine artist.

His work has long been collected world wide and he has had exhibitions in many galleries including the Gallerie de l'Opera in Paris, Berthelson Gallery, Vancouver, Gallerie d'Art Contemporaine in Montreal, North York Fine Art Gallery in Aurora, Ont., Eaton Gallery, Toronto, Price Arthur Gallery, Toronto, Gallery Gabor, Toronto, and more recently at the Lighthouse Gallery in Victoria and Gallery 223 in Nanaimo.

In 1999 he moved to Vancouver Island with his artist partner and continues to work from his gallery located in Sidney B C.


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Jonathan Gleed

GleedJonathan Gleed was born in Ottawa, Ontario but now resides in Victoria, British Columbia. From photography, to writing and television production, Jonathan has spent his entire life actively pursuing that creative outlet. Only when he began to paint seriously did he recognize that working with the brush was his true calling. 

As an acrylic painter, Gleed likes to turn the subtle - or what others would consider the mundane - into the interesting and inspiring. Gleed spends a lot of his energy as an artist extracting the beauty from everyday modern life to shine a spotlight on what makes it special. His primary objective as a painter is to evoke emotional vigour in the person viewing his pieces. It is the most effective way that he is able to communicate with others.



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Judith Saunders


Judith Saunders is a landscape artist who lives and paints in Victoria, BC and Grand Lake, NB. She believes in the old adage "Paint What You Know". Judith has had a love affair with trees for as long as she can remember. "Trees are sacred to me and connect us with the spirit of the earth and the spirit of life".

Leaving a successful art career in Atlantic Canada she moved with her family to Victoria in 1988 and attended the University of Victoria to obtain her Fine Arts degree. Since launching her art career in 1979 Judith has had 48 solo exhibitions and 89 group shows to her credit and continues to paint full time.

Painting mainly in acrylics her art captures the essence of light and shadow as it transforms old growth forests and hazy shorelines. She is presently creating a series on nature and hopes her paintings will remind us that the natural beauty of our wild places must be protected for future generations. As John Muir wrote, "In every walk with nature one receives more than he seeks".


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Judy Mclaren


A graduate of the University of Toronto in 1973 and of the Ontario College of Art in 1978, I have painted primarily in oils in the figurative tradition for the last thirty years. After working as a museum artist at the Royal Ontario Museum in Toronto for several years, I moved to the Vancouver Island and found work illustrating children’s books, painting portraits and showing my paintings at local galleries. Recently, along with portrait commissions, I have been focusing on sea and landscapes and still life. Most of my small and many of my larger works are painted directly from life.
At times, my painting style is characterized by energetic, directional brushwork, big, bold compositions and expressive use of colour where the sculptural qualities of the subject are emphasized. At other times, light is paramount and my style becomes careful and studied. This is not only reflective of my mood at the time but of my emotional response to the subject. I consider myself a perfectionist, constantly evolving and growing as an artist and never content to repeat a successful formula.

June Haynes


I am a contemporary Vancouver Island artist. Colour is very important to my work which tends to be experimental, abstract, or non-representational using watermedia, acrylics, or mixed media. My current interests include abstract painting, printmaking and plein aire painting. My work is held in private collections in Canada, the United States and Australia.

June Higgins

As a painter and sculptor, I work intuitively - not knowing what the end result will be. To begin, I choose materials I want to try together or colours I want to use, and then just keep seeing what else the artwork needs.

My acrylic paintings are about line, shape, colour and movement. They infer an environment where anything is possible, slightly creepy but drawing the viewer in at the same time.

My sculptures and installations reflect my love of the home and nostalgia. They are made from craft and hardware supplies, art project leftovers, and found objects –materials that are close at hand and easily handled. Often, the sculptures are components that balance or rest against each other, connected together in an impermanent, tentative fashion. This reflects the same idea of “anything can happen” that is also expressed in my paintings.


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Kathie Guthrie


I was born the eldest of eight children in North Bay, Ontario, Canada, where I remember taking my first art lessons in still life drawing and oil pastels. As a young woman, I studied graphic design at Sheridan Collage Institute of Technology. Recently I returned to school at the Vancouver Island School of Art, where I studied painting, printmaking, and art history.

Experiencing visual art - at exhibits, galleries or studios - is vital to human development. I enjoy involving the public through the workshops and classes that I teach, and the listings I post of local art events in my online newsletter. I am also committed to connecting with other artists in the community through art demonstrations, exhibits and studio tours.

I am married with two children, and live in Victoria, BC, Canada.

Kenna Fair

Whether turning her discerning eye to the world ‘above’--through her depiction of the vast array of coastal birds--or to the range of creatures stirring in tidal pools and below the oceans surface--Kenna Fair's paintings compels viewers into an enhanced state of attentiveness to the beauty that surrounds us. Every one of her intimate west coast portraits beginning with a wood carving which draw you into the space and capture the dynamic energy and intrinsic character of the natural subjects she portrays. Kenna's life-long connection with coastal life combined with her formal training as a painter have contributed to a signature style that has attracted the attention of art enthusiasts and galleries alike.


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Linda Molloy

MolloyLinda was born and raised in Vancouver on the west coast of BC. Linda was encouraged at a young age by her mother Ruby, to follow her love of drawing and painting, which soon became a large part of her everyday life. She went on to study painting and fashion design at the prestigious Vancouver School of Art and Design, now known as the Emily Carr School of Art and Design. Some of her most influential inspirations have been artists such as Emily Carr, Nancy O'Toole and Georgia O'Keefe.

For the past ten years, Linda has been living and painting in Victoria BC and her ongoing romance with vibrant colours is evident in her paintings of local land and seascapes. Her bold, sensual florals and breath taking west coast landscapes are in many private collections all over the world and is without a doubt a force to be reckoned with in the arts community in BC.

Linda Skalenda

Linda SkalendaOn The Sunny SideBorn and raised in Victoria BC, Linda Skalenda started her art education with youth art lessons at The Greater Victoria Art Gallery. They were a great inspiration and she has been drawing and creative in many ways throughout her life.

Linda's painting study came mostly from her own efforts and also studying with artists that she admired in workshops. Starting with watercolors, in pursuit of intense colour she studied pastels, acrylics and oils. Painting and exploring in those mediums she found the acrylics and oils best suit her passionate and expressive style.

I am inspired in the moment whether I am walking down a cherry tree lined street or in a meadow being observed by cows. Painting the passion I feel at that moment feels a little bit like falling in love for the first time.

Linda Skalenda had her own successful studio/gallery for five years - two in Nanaimo BC and three in Qualicum Beach, BC.

Artist's Website

Lorraine Heryet

Marvel Lake, Banff - Mt Eon & Mt. AyeLorraine Heryet is a painter living in Victoria, BC.

Maggie Warkentin

For over 25 years, Maggie Warkentin satisfied her artistic and creative passion, as a professional interior designer. She was a part-time Interior Design faculty member at Lethbridge College.  She founded and operated Interior Innovations, Inc., an interior design firm in Southern Alberta, which was sold when Maggie and her husband, Vern, relocated to Sidney, BC in 2008.

In the late 1990s, Maggie ‘puttered’ in water colours for a couple of years. However, in 2010, when time became available to seriously pursue visual arts, she decided to investigate the many new possibilities available to express her love of all things creative.   Originally self-taught, Maggie has taken several water colour classes since moving to Sidney.

In 2012, after coaxing from family and friends, she began to submit her work for exhibitions and art shows.  Maggie believes her style is still evolving.   Meanwhile she enjoys exploring a variety of mediums as she continues to experiment, learn and grow.


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Manon Elder

otheremily1Manon Elder was born in Ottawa and raised across Canada and France. She graduated with a Bachelor of Fine Arts from the University of Victoria in 1976, with additional studies at the University of Ottawa and Memorial University of Newfoundland.

In 1989, Elder embarked on her first project Portraits of Artists and its success enabled further forays: Artists of the Isles, Honour the Women, The Tea Party, High Tea, the genre of Motorcycle Art and most recently, The Other Emily. Most projects have entailed a 4-year focus, averaging 20 canvases each, many of which are of a large format.
Elder has exhibited extensively as a solo artist. She began working on portraits of Emily Carr in 2001 and collaborating with the Royal BC Museum in 2009. Filmmaker and artist Kristina Campbell is currently producing a documentary film on Manon Elder and her art-making process to be screened as part of the Royal BC Museum’s exhibition, The Other Emily.

Marlene Howell

Marlene Howell

Having the opportunity to travel and live abroad has provided me with a curiosity, and a thirst to interpret my photos into my art. My artwork varies in subject matter, techniques, and medium so the passion and excitement of each new project is there from the beginning.


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Marney Ward

Marney has always felt a deep connection with flowers. In her paintings, she seeks to reveal the essence and energy of every flower she paints. She also uses the translucence of the petals to paint light itself. Watercolour, with its underlying glow and its clear, transparent colour, is the perfect medium to allow her to capture the almost tangible presence of light.

Marney is a senior signature member of the Federation of Canadian Artists, has won many awards (local, national and international), and has juried numerous exhibitions in Victoria and Nanaimo. She is featured in 3 books, including Artists of British Columbia, Volume 3, and in various magazines, including International Artist and the French Pratique des Arts. Marney has taught art classes for over 15 years and shows through Winchester Galleries.


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Miles Lowry

Miles Lowry

In my work, I have created a process of capturing sculptural images from life and working with cast forms to express ideas about the human body as a vehicle for art. The sculptures as cast in cotton fibre and infused with pigments and elements of the natural world. I have worked with body adornment in various cultures and post eras to assert the idea of the body itself as an art object, which further expresses itself through its painted and enhanced surface.
More recently, I have been creating figures that are formed by careful selection of what is seen and not seen, fragments which through contrasts and comparisons invite broader interpretation and shifting metaphors. By meditating on their materiality yet sensing the real person within the casting, I am seeking to further express the fragility of the body and the enduring nature of human intimacy.
Through natural body language, expressed in sculptural form, I hope to bring the viewer to a place of exploring desires, passions, fears and prejudices toward the human body in contemporary times.

Nancy Alexander

Nancy Alexander

My exploration began with an appreciation of Japanese and British pottery. The simplicity and elegance of the shapes of these vessels and the use of subtle colour in the glazes were visually appealing.   These vessels are elegant and functional.

I use stoneware and porcelain clays for functional ware and paperclay for masks and gardenhouses.  More recently I have included whimsical elements and brighter colours.

I have been a member of both the Penticton Potters’ Guild and South Vancouver Island Potters’ Guild.  I have participated in many workshops and programs.  My work has been shown at Side Street Studio and Lighthouse Gallery in Victoria and Fandango and Tulista Park in Sidney.  I have been included in Gorge on Art, displayed work at Saanich Municipal Hall and participated in the James Bay Market.  I have been Artist in Residence at Lochside and Prospect Lake Schools in Saanich and at the Grand Pacific Hotel.

Nancy Slaght

N-Slaght2013-09-19 12.02.26

Nancy Slaght, Victoria artist and teacher, ponders the next leap of her imagination in search of the metaphor.

“I love portraying, in a still life painting, two aspects of life that exist in a fleeting moment capturing movement in freeze-framed images that seem to hesitate just long enough for the viewer to share the moment.” Muse comes from her walks along the waterfront, music and ballroom dancing. Inspiration results in fanciful or odd notions of pairings for her paintings. She has had a lenghty love affair with soft pastels and more recently has been adding exploration into new materials.
Nancy is an exhibiting artist with Winchester Galleries, Victoria and is represented by the Art Gallery of Greater Victoria arts and rentals. Her work is held in private collections in Japan, Europe and throughout North America.


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Naomi Grindlay

Naomi GrindlayI’m a lifelong student of oil painting and have a love for painting people, still life and landscapes. I home-schooled on-line, learning to paint in oils. There are several artists I learned from. Each Painter bringing something invaluable to the On-line classroom.

Inspiration, I believe, are gifts bestowed upon us from the Powers that Be.  A new canvas excites me and intimidates me at the same time. Light and the way it affects color, is my daily obsession. Every time I pick up my paintbrush, I learn something new. As Edgar Degas Pointed out ~ “Painting is easy when you don’t know how, but very difficult when you do” 
As a life-long student of oil painting, my goal is to learn to paint masterfully. For the Viewer - I wish to give you a sense of peace, harmony and light 
My greatest influence and teachers are artists I admire and who’s work I study on a regular basis. I love John Singer Sargent's loose contemporary style, his work has always inspired me.

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Nathan Scott


Born and raised in Victoria, BC, in a military family, Nathan Scott learned that whatever he does, he must do well and according to schedule. He had a keen interest in mechanics, worked as an aircraft engineer, and spent a few years in the gold fields of the North working heavy equipment as well as working on the Alaska Highway.
He found a lost love for art, pursued sculpture, and began to recognize that he truly had a God-given gift to sculpt. Over time, he learned cold cast bronze, which is a fibreglass structure coated with bronze powder, which looks, feels, and acts like bronze for a fraction of the price. Over a few years, Nathan learned foundry-work and eventually opened his own bronze foundry where he currently works, creating every step of sculpting in bronze.
Nathan's most well-known pieces are of Terry Fox (Mile 0) in Victoria, BC,\; 'The Homecoming', which is a sculpture commemorating the 100th Anniversary for the Canadian Navy and displayed downtown Victoria; and the 'bench people' in Sidney, BC.
Most of Nathan's sculptures reflect his love for people, young and old, interacting with their particular situations and surroundings. Through his sculptures, Nathan hopes to take you back to a simpler life of days gone by with loved ones, family and friends.

Nicholas Pearce

nicholas pearceNicholas Pearce has been painting women for almost three decades – faces, nudes, and the dynamical sensuality of women dancing flamenco. He attended the Alberta College of Art in Calgary, then gravitated to the media, where he became illustrations editor for the Calgary Herald. He moved to Canada’s West Coast to live on a sailboat and make the transition from illustration to fine art. His medium is acrylic paint on canvas. He uses computers to capture images digitally during modeling sessions, to work through the initial design and drafting of a painting, and to play the music that puts him into the focused state of mind he needs for the painting process.

Nicholas’s paintings are in private and corporate collections in Canada, the U.S. and Europe and he is represented by several Canadian galleries. He also teaches classes and workshops, and is one of the artists chosen to give demonstrations and meet art lovers at Painters at Painter’s Lodge in Campbell River, B.C., every May.

Nirmala Greenwell


Nirmala GreenwellBorn in Trinidad, West Indies, Nirmala attended primary and secondary schools there and upon graduation, received recognition and an award for outstanding work in art.

At University of British Columbia, she earned a double-major degree in English Literature and Fine Arts (honours) with a focus on Indian, Chinese and Japanese art. She was fortunate to have had instructors Tony Onley and B.C. Binning among many others who inspired and taught the history of art, design fundamentals, and techniques of the old masters.

She has taught art, geography, Spanish and English in Trinidad and in BC.

The dancing interplay of light and shadow captivates her interest and imagination and is a source of joy and inspiration for her watercolour and acrylic paintings which depict a variety of subject matter.

Her paintings adorn many walls in Trinidad, Barbados, Canada, U.S. U.K. and Japan.

Nirmala resides in Victoria with her family and devotes an increasing portion of her time to her art.

Rachael Gurevitch

Rachael was born in Cochise County Arizona. Her mother is of Scottish/Irish descent, and her father's side of the family exists today only through escape to New York during the Nazi massacre 5 generations ago. Rachael enjoyed her early years living among her father's family in Montreal until age 7 when her parents moved with her to the beautiful Okanogan desert in BC.

Rachael was fortunate enough to be in Israel on her 27th birthday and found it be the place her soul was at home. Back to the Mediterranean Sea for a trip to Spain last year, and most recently enjoyed the Netherlands. Rachael was born on July 5th in 1981. Windsong is her legal middle name, given at birth. Rachael is entirely self taught, gathering artistic skills through persistence and love.


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Richard Gutierrez


Richard Gutierrez was born with creative blood pulsing trough his veins. Early on in his youth his talent was recognized and put to use. He even negotiated his way out of gym class by painting a mural for his school. Richard's life has been a creative exploration through various styles and mediums. His work is one of my favorite things to gaze upon, both for its creative expressionism and its joyful vibrant use of color.


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Richard Wong

Richard is a contemporary Oriental Brush and Watercolor artist based in Victoria, BC.  He paints for personal enjoyment, but recent recognition and success in international art shows and exhibitions has allowed him to paint to support organizations with a worthy cause, such as the local wildlife rehabilitation centre, the Wild ARC.  The image that you see here is an international award winner.

Richard’s style is unique and can best be described as 'east meets west'.  Although Richard is mostly known for his vibrant, spontaneous watercolors, working exclusively with Chinese brushes, he also paints images from daily life that just call out to be painted.

This is how Richard describes his art: “I enjoy working spontaneously, capturing the essence of my subject to give it a fresh look.  To do this I enjoy the challenge of working the image using methods ranging from realism to impressionism and the abstract form."


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Robert Rawson

lilyI have been a Mosaic Artist since 1995. I'm mostly self-taught, learning by doing and picking up a few tips from books. In 2006 I was fortunate to be able to study in Venice with world-renowned master mosaicists Lucio Orsoni and Giovanni Cucco, earning a Master of Mosaic qualification.

I'm inspired by the mosaics of the Romans and Byzantines, by architecture and by artists such as Klimt, Goldsworthy and Rothko as well as the natural world around me and the materials themselves - various types of glass, marble, metal leafs etc. I'm especially excited by the possibilities inherent in combining stained glass with mosaic technique.

Ron Smid


Ron SmidWhat started with weekend canoe excursions to the Canadian Shield of Northern Ontario eventually led Rod Smid to multiple cross-Canada expeditions. Driven to pursue photography full time, the self-taught nature photographer left his job at an automotive assembly plant to undertake his first photographic journey across Canada in 1999. The life changing experience took him as far north as Inuvik, Northwest Territories, and as far west as Vancouver Island where he now resides. Since then, Smid has explored and photographed within every province in Canada capturing an incredible array of imagery on traditional transparency film.

Smid’s vivid nature images have graced magazines, environmental campaigns, books, fine art posters and his famous best selling annual Canadian wall calendar. His remarkable landscape photography continues to captivate an increasing international audience, year after year.

Sarah Cowan

The materials I use are graphite, pen and ink, charcoal, wire, and cut paper.

I am drawing my life: my past and present experiences in an attempt to expand knowledge of my body in space. My practice explores the ever-fluctuating disconnection and integration between physical, emotional and spiritual planes.

To force myself to move beyond my physical and emotional boundaries, I work on surfaces larger than the scale of my body. On smaller paper I make marks with the intention of creating form within space. I work intuitively, allowing the composition to define itself through the marks. The process, the intensive labour involved in creating the works allows me to be present to the ebb and flow of these states of being.

I am developing a language that is engaged in asking the question of 'where do I end and others begin'.


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Sophia Morrison


Sophia MorrisonSophia Morrison taught art courses at the University of Calgary and the Calgary School Board. She helped to develop an art curriculum for Alberta junior high schools. Alberta’s Minister of Culture presented her with an award for providing workshops to community centers across the province.

Sophia enjoys exploring new territory in painting and subject matter. Her three-dimensional work was exhibited at an international competition in Faenza, Italy.

Suzanne Mir

suzanne mirNoted for her animated and colourful rendering of forms, Suzanne Mir works in a variety of mediums, ranging from large format canvases in oil to black and white photography and small, more intimate collages of acrylic and mixed media.

She is a passionate, enthusiastic and diligent artist. The inspiration for her most recent work originated in Mexico from the Island of the Dolls, Xochimilco. There she encountered dolls, in various states of decay that initially resembled effigies for dead children. Later, while examining the photographs, she realized that these dolls, so representative of human perfection, were also visual statements about a strange beauty found in decay and aging.

Suzanne is a graduate of the Victoria College of Art and the University of Victoria and has exhibited both locally and internationally since 1987 in Canada, France and Mexico. 

Tara Juneau

Tara JuneauTara Juneau (b. 1981) is a painter living and working in Shawnigan Lake, B.C. In 2002 she studied with Dutch artist Johannes Landman, learning to paint and frame in miniature. In 2006 and 2007 she took two workshops from world-renowned artist and author Anthony Ryder.

“Art is my passion in life. Through painting I try to express the power that light and beauty have on my soul. I am always striving to know more – not only about how to paint but also what I paint. What you know about a subject influences the way you paint it.”


Victor Lotto

Inner HarbourVictor Lotto painted for a number of years in the 6 countries where he served as a Canadian diplomat. His work, primarily in watercolour and acrylic, is in private collections across Canada and in many countries. Victor studied at the Ottawa school of Art and has attended workshops with well known artists. His paintings have been in 60 juried shows since 1966 and have been shown at Hart House and Victoria College at the University of Toronto,Galerie Goodchild, Renaze France, Source of Art, Ottawa, Eclectic and Polychrome galleries in Victoria, and the Art Gallery of Greater Victoria. Victor is a regular painter in “Paint Ins” at Moss Street, Oak Bay, Gorge on Art, and Hatley Park. For 3 summers Victor was the resident artist for a week on BC Ferries “Queen of the North”. He is past President of the Victoria Sketch Club, an active juried member of the Federation of Canadian Artists and a founding member of the Oak Bay Community Artists Society.

Wendy Oppelt

oppeltWendy was born in Edmonton and has lived in Calgary, Vancouver, Adelaide, Australia and finally settled in Victoria, where she paints from her home studio. 

"My best teachers are nature and every piece of art I have ever looked at. I hope that my creations can hit an emotional chord in the viewer. Maybe it will remind them of a place or a memory, or maybe it just makes them feel happy. I think that's what life is all about, finding your equilibrium and feeling happy. That's what painting does for me."

Wendy continues to work in all mediums including chalk pastel, watercolour, acrylic and oil. Her clients describe her style as bold, colourful, inspirational, and joyous. "If a client tells me my paintings make them smile or feel joyous, I know I've captured exactly how I was feeling when I created it - it brings me pleasure knowing my art can make one feel good."


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Wendy Picken

w-picken-2Wendy is a visual artist and author who expresses positive energy through her art and writing.

Her distinctive style conveys a sense of hope and joy through the use of strong colour and images taken from nature. Her drawings combine Stabilo crayon, pastel and china marker on paper. Wax polish is applied with the colour medium which gives each drawing a vibrancy which makes her still life's come alive. This technique was developed after university and she has continued to explore it since 1990. Wendy calls this technique "Finger Painting without the Paint".


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Will Millar

Will MillarMy love of painting started when I was 10 in Northern Ireland. Money was scarce in those days and when my mother won a large box of watercolours at an annual Fair I spent a lot of time painting on everything I could find- including my mother’s only tablecloth!

The Ireland that I grew up in has changed so much and I return every year with a kind of longing for the past. I wander the streets of my old town remembering all the scenes and characters that were part of my life. So nowadays I try to capture those memories on canvas with oil paints. I daydream, and out come scenes of my Grannies country kitchen and her old friends, gossiping over a few ‘cups of Tay’ with that old ‘Brown Betty” tea pot always ready to pour. I can feel the heat from the fire and taste the new bread with creamery butter. I can almost hear their laughter as some old ‘yarn’ is shared. 


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