Andrew Glenn

Originally from Australia, Andrew Glenn is a contemporary portrait artist who draws his inspiration from our enduring fascination with popular culture and icons, with a particular affinity for mid-century imagery. He employs differing painting styles that are largely dependent on the medium and size of the work, with common themes being an imaginative and rich colour palette and recognizable subjects that are often captured in a whimsical light. His paintings are vivid, fun and always eye-catching.


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Anne Bowen

My painting style is constantly evolving.  Whether representation, expressionistic or interpretative, I use the style or technique suitable for capturing that special moment. The acrylic paint that I use facilitates spontaneity as well as careful and considered work, allowing for both watercolor effects and textural possibilities. Starting with the classical underpainting and building with many transparent layers; a vibrant palette, strong compositions, subtle shades and contrast combine to create the dynamic and contemporary feel in my work. Whether it be an atmospheric landscape using soft edges and little detail or a hard edged, detailed still life, I strive to elicit an emotional response; perhaps a happy memory, a feeling of serenity, harmony or even a bit of whimsy.


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Ava P Christl

I have worked with ideas and issues relating to land and water for over 30 years. I make paintings that address nature and place; wilderness; nature as healer; land use; and our human relationship to the living land. I use colour and form to evoke a sense of place.

I am currently working on a series of paintings that express ideas about rivers. River Songs involves explorations of some of the great river systems of British Columbia with the intention to show the wonder and beauty of each river system and to evoke a sense of place that is inspiring, provocative, compelling and spiritual.

I hold a BFA from NSCAD University in Halifax. My paintings have been exhibited in public galleries across Canada and are held in private and public collections including the Yukon Government’s Permanent Collection, and Yukon Hospital Corporation and the Art Bank of Canada.


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Avis Rasmussen

ARassmussenAvis Rasmussen is a Victoria painter and printmaker of national significance who brings a West Coast narrative to her plein air paintings. In ‘A Painter’s Trajectory’ (Living Artfully: Reflections from the Far West Coast, 2012), Rasmussen describes her lifelong passion for painting in the ever-changing light of the Pacific coast. This inspired her to travel, seeking other coasts and rivers to paint in France, Italy, England and the US. Works from these excursions have previously been exhibited at Winchester Galleries.


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Carol Koebbeman

I have found the process of making a painting to be the most challenging, intimidating and rewarding process I have ever experienced. It requires that I dig deep within myself to find authenticity and honesty as I examine my ideas and concepts.

Fundamentally, I hope to create an ambiance that resonates beyond the primary image; specifically, I want my paintings to reflect a mood. Often it's a private moment or an intimate emotion. My hope is that the viewer connects with the story in the painting and finds something compelling – just as I did.


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Daciana Dao

daciana Dao

I was born in 1967 in Brasov, Transilvania – one of the most fascinating parts of Romania. I grew up in the picturesque and breathtakingly beautiful countryside surrounded by the legend of Dracula's castle.

I come from a family of artists. I started my studies at the Elementary Art School in Brasov, but after 2 years, during the rise of the communist regime, the Art School was closed. I then moved to Cluj, Napoca, where I finished the Fine Arts High School in 1981, and the Secondary School of Fine Arts in 1985 with a diploma in Mural Painting. I received my Bachelor's Degree in Fine Arts in 1998 and have one year of Graduate Studies in Fine Arts comparative levels of achievment in Canada. In March 2000, I immigrated to Canada and in 2003 I received an Interior Decorating Diploma.

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Donna K. Williams

I live and paint in Sidney by the Sea where the beauty of nature surrounds us and in an indirect way inspires my abstract painting.

My work has been influenced by instruction from several established North American artists and by my studies at the Pacific Coast Center in Coupeville, Washington. After moving from the Mainland I studied  abstraction for three years with Bill Porteous, an outstanding teacher of many emerging abstract artists. To gain an international perspective of abstraction I attended a Summer class at the Edinburgh College of Art in Edinburgh, Scotland.

The collectors of my works say that they are drawn to the paintings by their vibrancy, textures, and to the feelings and memories they evoke. I hope that the joy I have in creating these works is translated to the viewers.


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Fred Dobbs

Fred Dobbs studied fine arts at the Victoria College of Art and commercial art at Camosun College in the late 70s. In the early 80s, he turned his attention to sculpture by way of the beach. For eight years, Fred practiced as a competitive sand sculptor, winning Canadian, US and World Championship titles. By 1991 he had turned professional and continued sculpting sand full-time while traveling throughout Canada, the United States, Mexico, Australia, Japan and Germany. In the past 8 years, Fred has created statuary in concrete and cold cast bronze.


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Irma Soltonovich

Irma TheClearingMy work is based on landscapes and the human figure, and the issues that surround both. I see my work as a recording of the internal and external landscape and use this landscape as a vehicle for exploring the emotional terrain that lies within.

To me, the act of painting encompasses all of who I am. Using the simplest of line and shape, the subtlest shift of color, my goal is to evoke an emotion, a feeling, a memory... initially for me in the doing and then again for the viewer. I paint what I need to paint and am delighted when someone connects to it and it changes how they see their landscape.


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Jennifer McIntyre


I have been involved in the Visual Arts as an educator at all levels from early childhood to post secondary.

I have been painting and printmaking constantly since leaving teaching and have taken courses in England, Santa Fe and locally. My work has been exhibited widely in Victoria at galleries, hotels and community events over the last ten years.

I work in themes: birds and nests, still lifes involving flowers real and imagined, Asian motifs and textiles, nature, vintage objects and pattern. Vivid colour is always a part of my work, lively and contrasting combinations are a constant.

My new series includes collections of objects and creatures related by an underlying structure of geometry and colour.


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Kathryn Amisson

Kathryn was born in a small Manitoba town and raised in Victoria, British Columbia. She attended the Alberta College of Fine Art in 1970 and by 1978 she commenced her career as a full time painter. Kathryn is mostly self-taught and has become well known for her landscapes and seascapes working for the last number of years in acrylic. Both her prairie roots and love of the wild and rugged west coast have instilled in her a passion to interpret nature’s continuing variety of wide open spaces. An orchestra of churning waves, a mosaic of prairie grassland, patterns of clouds in constantly changing skies have all brought about a freedom and compelling expression in her work.

Kathryn is represented by galleries in both British Columbia and Alberta. Over the years her art has been treasured by individuals, collectors and corporate purchasers alike.


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Keith Levang

west coast_glory.KeithLeVangI was born and raised in Vancouver, BC and now reside on Vancouver Island where I am fully engaged in the visual arts and painting full time. My work has been acquired by private and corporate owners throughout Canada and the USA.

My representational style of painting allows me to present the subject faithfully while maintaining the feel and look of a painting, rather than a photograph. My approach is to concentrate on the relationship between light & shadow within a strong composition.

I try to capture a specific moment in time, one that recalls a familiar place, memory or feeling. I have spent my life on the Canadian West Coast. The images of the sea, shoreline, mountains and occasionally, boats and buildings, are the ones which inspire me to want to preserve that familiarity on canvas.


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Logan Ford

logan fordBlue Boreal

Born in Calgary, AB.  As the son of an artist, Logan was immersed into the world of painting at an early age, and he has studied art independently for most of his life.  Since moving to Vancouver Island in 2007, his work has been greatly inspired by the west coast landscape. 

"For me, the purpose of painting is not to provoke dialogue, dissection, or speculation, but rather, to remove it.  My work is directed in an attempt to connect the viewer to the inherently wordless beauty of the natural world.  I consider a painting to be successful when it evokes an inner quietude which is congruent with my own experience in nature."


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Maarten Schaddelee

maarten schaddeleeMaarten Schaddelee is a sculptor who expresses his deep passion for life through his art. His enthusiasm bursts through his work, which depicts the beauty of our West Coast environment and our coexistence with nature.

Born in Soest, Holland in 1947, Maarten emigrated with his family to Victoria in 1955 where the Schaddelee family opened The Dutch Bakery and Coffee Shop Ltd. Maarten trained as a Master Cake Decorator and Baker and worked with the family for twenty-eight years. During that time The Dutch Bakery earned a reputation for exceptional artisan baking.
After spending several years carving in his spare time, in 1991 Maarten made the difficult decision to leave the family business to focus full-time on his art. He developed a series of lyrical works that captured the joy of the birds and animals on the west coast. Maarten became known for his whales, eagles, dolphins and seals and worldwide interest in his work began to grow.


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Maria Curcic

The most noticeable aspect in most of my work is the vibrant colour. I began creating abstract cityscapes in art school in the late 1980’s, and have continued to include the theme in many of my works to this day. The infusion of colour into what tends to be drab, man-made architecture provides a whimsical view of what the world could look like given a brighter palette.

My abstract works are less structured, but equally vibrant, providing splashes of colour that I hope will grab and hold the viewer’s attention. The work is timeless, fun and complex enough to provide fresh stimulation with each viewing.
Much of the work is acrylic, though oils provide for a smoother, more ethereal look in some of the pieces. I always start with a blank canvas, but never a blank mind.


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Michelle Miller

Michelle Miller has been practicing and exhibiting art locally and internationally for over 20 years.  A very well known and popular  art instructor she has taught in Canada, Taiwan, Bali and Italy.  Miller’s work varies immensely but her focus is consistently on texture in both referential and abstract paintings and mixed media works.  ‘Within my work, I try to achieve a balance of the visceral and cerebral,of the temporal and geographical, of the subjective and the objective.  In essence, I am looking to redefine experience as two-dimensional form without linear thought and without the documentary status of photographs’


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Miesje Mesha

Artist Miesje (pronounced Me-sha) Taylor grew up on the south coast of British Columbia and has been creating artworks in many mediums since her childhood. 

The artist states; “When I discovered Acrylics I found this medium to satisfy my needs when capturing light, & movement, my muse is found in the nature around us and I feel that I’m influenced most by Pissarro, Gauguin and Monet. I work in an Impressionistic style, with the occasional foray into Abstract. When trying to break each composition or subject idea down to its moment of captivation, I have found it is inevitably the light on the subject that inspires me.


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Instagram : artist_miesje - Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 

Mike Leavy

M-Leavy-The Arrival 2From an early age in the beautiful west of England I was aware I could draw (2/6 prize in a Brooke Bond competition involving copying a picture of tea leaves) and loved art (The Laughing Cavalier, Blue Boy, The Hay Wain...).  But I only recently discovered that I could be a practitioner as well as an observer of the visual arts.

After many years in information management, I am now enjoying the focus, immediacy and personalization of full time painting in acrylics and oils. My interest and skill in painting people and places, both exotic and plebeian, has been nurtured through classes with David Goatley, Nicholas Pearce, Brian Simons, James Gordaneer, Victor Arcega and others. Sargent, Sorolla and Zorn, David Curtis and Robert Genn are a continuing source of inspiration.

My muse has been helped by residing on Vancouver Island, where I am a member of the Goward House Portrait Painters Group and an active member of the Federation of Canadian Artists.


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Pamela Wootton

I have spent my life living near water and it shows in my paintings.  My experiences diving, snorkeling and paddling in various oceans are my inspiration. Although primarily self-taught, I supplemented independent study with courses at the Vancouver Island School of Art, the University of Victoria and  Camosun College.     

Water is formless; my paintings are not. I structure my paintings using the Golden Ratio to establish focal points, diagonals for energy and horizontals for calm. I also keep in mind that the eye will look from left to right. The structure gives me the freedom to play with paint intuitively and creatively. By situating my viewer near water or underwater, I hope to evoke a primal response and lead the viewer into a dreamy world where blue can be a warm colour. I am using art to share my feelings and fascination with that world. 


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Peter N. Van Giesen

Path to elk Lake

Doing art, for me, is a mystical process, a spiritual work, a profound experience, an exercise of creativity. When I paint it is if the veil of the common life is momentarily lifted allowing me to be embraced by the underlying essence of the universe. I consider my artistic expression a gift to be shared.

Naturally, I am drawn to places of mystery where I find solace in the power of the Spirit.

My art is the result of sporadic surges of energy that percolate past my consciousness. My style hovers between representation, idealism and impressionism. I attempt to reach into the fabric of the world exploring the dynamics of tension and elasticity. Using paint, I create images based on the interplay between darkness and light, the interconnected subtle energy of the perpetual motion in the natural world.


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Robert Amos

Embassy CafeRobert Amos has painted Victoria since 1975. Among his  paintings of this seaside city are commissioned works for the University of Victoria, the Empress Hotel and hundreds of happy homeowners. He is the author of eight books on the subject, and his column On Art has appeared in the Times Colonist weekly for 28 years. Amos will be painting Mt. Baker and the Victoria Golf Club during his residency at the Oak Bay Beach Hotel.


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Rodger Garbutt


During my time at art school I discovered I was not cut out to do oil painting and the related acrylic mediums. I like the immediate response to what is in front of me. For me, watercolour had that possibility.

After a life time teaching all the art mediums I was free to follow my own path. Travel gave me the other ingredient, exotic places full of colour and romance. Movement had to be in every painting, wind, waves, sky and dance. Always leaving enough for the viewer to add their own completion---a feeling of being a participant in the production. Never over working a piece, watercolour is most successful when fresh and understated. I have found great joy in my chosen medium. I feel sure I will continue to develop new insights in this most personal of visual arts forms.


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Roger Jackson

Now retired and living in Mill Bay on beautiful Vancouver Island, surrounded by inspiration.

I started painting in 1992 while living in Ontario. The process of painting and its challenges are exciting, working to capture what I see and feel about my subject. I paint in oil and acrylic, either plein air, from personal reference photos, or a combination of both.

My subjects are varied. I love the beauty of nature and its creatures that share this planet with me. I am intrigued by structures that still stand after witnessing hundreds of years of passing lives, trying to sense what life was like for the labourers who built these monuments and for the many who were sheltered within. Working boats are another of my focus subjects, whether at the dock or on open water. I’m inviting the viewers into these spaces, to feel they are part of the scene.


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Sharon Stone

stoneBorn in Nova Scotia as a member of a military family, Sharon moved frequently. She continued this pattern in her adult life, traveling over half the globe as well as on adventures such as crossing the South Atlantic Ocean as one of a crew of four on a 52 foot sailboat.

Sharon started painting seriously in 2007, after taking early retirement, painting colourful landscapes and waterscapes using acrylics. Water, with its varying movement, temperature and reflective qualities, is a predominant theme in her paintings.

Painters in Ontario and British Columbia have contributed to her art education. "Colour is important to me. My love of colour started at an early age, when my mother, a talented seamstress, made dresses and coats for myself and my sister. I remember very clearly the colours of my favorites – delicious lavenders, blues, pinks and yellows. Another equally strong influence on my painting has been nature itself, particularly water."


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Shelby Assenheimer

ShelbyIn 2001, Shelby returned to her art studies, enrolling in Ontario’s Dundas Valley School of Art and in 2014 the Vancouver Island School of Art where she continues to work on her certificate today. Since 2010, Shelby has been showing her paintings in various Victoria venues, including the Victoria International Airport and Brentwood Bay Resort, and in May of 2014 was invited to become a member of the Gage Gallery Artists Collective in Oak Bay .

The subjects of Shelby’s paintings are part of her everyday encounters and are often caught very briefly through her peripheral vision. The essence of these visions are layered with Shelby’s imagination, memories and her abstraction process using loose broad strokes, vivid colour schemes and her signature mark making.

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Sherryl Hustins


Born in Chatham, New Brunswick, Sherryl is a self taught artist, who has worked primarily with acrylic on canvas.   Recently she has been exploring working with paint and resin on glass. Sherryl has always been inspired by beauty, and the many forms and textures it shows up as, in life.  Oftentimes she looks at objects with an eye as to how she would recreate it, and express her unique and usually colorful interpretation. Intrigued with using uncommon approaches to yield a piece of work that takes the viewer on a journey, and causes them to feel inspired, she says, " I paint because I have a deep soulful need to create. The passion I have for art demands that I keep working at it, honing my skill while staying open to new thoughts and ideas".  In the re-imagined words of Robert Palmer, she says; "Might as well face it, I’m addicted to art!


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Susan Geddes

Susan Geddes has been painting since 1978 in the Kootenay Mountains in British Columbia. She started painting in watercolours and went on to Art College in British Columbia where she studied many mediums. In 1988 she bought an art gallery in Victoria, B.C. and in 1993 Out of Hand Gallery, also in Victoria. After successfully operating two separate galleries she returned to doing her personal art in 2001 and has been working as a full-time painter ever since. 

Susan loves texture, light and form. She loves to interpret through her intuition and she is comfortable allowing the paintings to evolve. Susan has a desire to give back and has donated and continues to donate paintings every year. Her paintings have been purchased from coast to coast and overseas.


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Tanta Pennington


Tanta is based in Victoria BC Canada and is a Fine Arts Diploma and Independent Studio Program graduate from the Vancouver Island School of Art. Tanta has exhibited work at the Art Gallery of Greater Victoria, Victoria International Airport, The Victoria Conference Centre, among other local galleries. Tanta has shown internationally, participating in the International 2011 Florence Biennale. Her work is featured in private collections in Western Canada, Hawaii, California, and Italy.

Through unconscious acts of painting and drawing Tanta examines a world composed of fragments of geometry, architecture and fantasy. Using a vocabulary of hard-edged cell shapes and ethereal dream like forms she investigates the edges between her internal voices and the real world. Tanta is currently focused on exploring a range of scales and formats including painting, drawing, installation, and sculpture.


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